Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Challenge updates

The Shakespearean Summer that never was. So in Lauren's words: FAILED. MISERABLY.

I attempted to read The Taming of the Shrew. Sadly I don't own any Shakespeare besides Romeo & Juliet which I read less than a year ago for school and didn't want to read again. So I tried to read Taming of the Shrew online on Sparknotes- but the internet is too distracting. I got through one page and that is it. Oh so sad.

But better than Lauren, who I don't think did anything.

Sarah Dessen Challenge:

Still the same as before. I got some of my SD books back that I loaned out to other friends though, so hopefully will get to reading them soon!

100+ Reading Challenge

I'm still complete. Not like it's possible to uncomplete a challenge, right? I'm currently at 119 books in, which I think is pretty good! Can't compare it to previous years because I never recorded my books read then, but I feel pretty happy.

Lauren is now 79 books read. Maybe 80, depending on if she's finished Catching Fire by now. :D

I know there's lots of other challenges floating around, RIP, Debut Authors, First in the Series. Not going to entering any of those probably, at least until next year.

Good luck to all who are still doing the challenges. And kudos to people who were actually able to finish A Shakespearean Summer.

- Alex

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  1. Good luck with your challenges I've been REALLY horrible with mine :(

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