Monday, September 21, 2009

Updates! (from the better blogger)

Hey there, it's your favorite blogger, Lauren.

Alex is super lazy.

So she won't post any of her reviews.

So instead, you guys get REMINDERS. (not fun, I know, but go tell her that) and I swear to God if she edits this post...

First off, we have a contest ending tomorrow!

And guess how many entrants there are!

So your odds of winning, I'm gonna say, are pretty good.

Want a copy of Eyeleash by Jess C. Scott? You know you do! So just go here and enter! Do it. please?

EDIT BY ALEX: I am not lazy. Simply swamped by homework. And crazy tired. I accidentaly deleted the IMM post. That's how insane I'm getting. So if you've noticed that the IMM is gone, now you know why. And yeah, I also say enter our contest.

LAUREN: We'll bake you a cheesecake or something...

1 comment:

  1. Haha! :D I'm already entered so let's hope the odds are in my favor...

    You are hilarious, Lauren! :D


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