Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (17)

Anna and the Boy Masterpiece by Stephanie Perkins
(no cover. D:)
tenner bio / author website / author Twitter
publisher: Dutton
publishing date: no clue. Sometime during 2010

A very short synopsis of the novel:
It's about a girl. It's about a boy. It's about Parisian boarding school, almond-scented macarons, famous cemeteries, and cinemaphiles. It's about heartache. And it's about true love.

And I found some facts about the book, taken from the author's website!

(1) It's a young adult novel.

(2) Hopefully it has some funny bits.

(3) There is kissing. Of course.

(4) Most of it takes place in Paris.

(5) There is an HBM.* (Well, more like an HBM plus.)

(6) It’s called Anna and the Boy Masterpiece.

(7) It's contemporary and realistic. In other words, no vampires or magic. Or magic vampires.
(8) It's set in a boarding school.

(9) It wasn't (originally) intentional, but several important scenes occur on stairs. Though I shouldn't have been surprised when it happened, because the inspiration for the entire story came from a dream (ack, yes) in which I saw a beautiful boy sitting . . . on the steps of a semi-famous monument.

These steps. This monument.

(10) The main character's name is Anna Oliphant.

The Boy Masterpiece himself remains — for now — a secret. But a good one, I promise! And I don't mean a secret like he's a werewolf (see #7, above). He's a secret, because I'm in love with him, and I'm still greedy and protective.

AND there's going to be a companionship novel, Lola and the Boy Next Door.

Now, there's not a lot to go on. And I believe the novel is still in revision. But but, look at the synopsis! It takes place in a boarding school. I love boarding schools! And Paris sounds so beautiful. It's a love story without any paranormal too. I am in want of a good contemporary read. And well... it just sounds great! :D

- Alex


  1. OMG this sounds so good! Is it coming out in the US? I want to read it now, thanks for the head's up!

  2. WOW. I'm in shock! I arrived here from my Twitter followers page, and the absolute last thing I expected to see was MY NOVEL on your homepage. I am so honored, flattered, and excited. Thank you. A hundred million times, thank you!

    Anna is in the last stage of major revisions (I'm incredibly fortunate to have a brilliant, passionate editor — she works with John Green and Lauren Myracle, among others), and then I'll have a few minor touch-ups this autumn. And then copyediting! The process never ends.

    La Coccinelle

    HBM = Hot British Man in Steph blog-speak :)

    Bookworm — Thank you so much! Anna will be released in America in Fall 2010, and hopefully, a few countries internationally as well. Lola will be released approximately one year later.

  3. I've had the good luck to read this in manuscript form and it is fabulous! I can't wait to be able to go to the bookstore and buy it :-)

  4. Sounds good. I like books set in boarding schools too, and heartache, and famous cemeteries. Very nice pick, Alex!

  5. This sounds really good! Hot British man?! Count me in!

  6. This looks pretty interesting...I can't wait to see the cover!

  7. I, too, have read this book, and it is WONDERFUL!!! You girls have good taste!


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