Monday, September 28, 2009

Aaaand we have winnahs!

It's taken a little bit of time for us to get the winners posted. So sorry about that! (coughbecauseLaurenwastoolazyandwouldn'tpostcough) But, we have them now!

In case you all didn't know, this contest is for an e-book for Eyeleash by Jess C. Scott! Winners also get a beautiful postcard, so lucky them! Alright, well, I know you're all begging to know who won...

... and so out of our 16 entries...


YAAAY! Will be emailing you all shortly for your addresses, which we will then pass on to Jess! :D Congratulations to all four of you who won! And for those who didn't, well, we're hoping to hold another contest soon. You know, that 100 followers contest that we promised way back when. That'll come. Hopefully soon. Lauren and I just have to get our act together first.

- Alex


  1. Congrats, winners! Happy reading!

  2. Can't believe I won!! :D This is so exciting. Thank you to the both of you for holding this contest! :)


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