Tuesday, August 25, 2009

INTRODUCING: _____ Tuesdays

That's right everybody! New meme :) Run by me this time though. Alex can't do everything around here...

To add to the long list of super cool things Alex & I do in our spare time, I spend some of my time on YouTube *cough*.

So now we will be featuring, every Tuesday, a video related to literature in some way. Be it and interview with an author, a book trailer, or even something completely random that I find amusing. First up, this morning I came across this highly entertaining video of Libba Bray, promoting her new novel, Going Bovine.

But we've hit a snag. Alex and I are torn between 2 names: Tech Tuesdays or Telecomm Tuesdays. SO IT'S UP TO YOU GUYS!
So comment, comment, comment. please?

Oh, and we still only have 1 question for Factual Fridays, which makes a great meme, I know. Super entertaining. IT CAN BE ANYTHING! We would LOVE to hear your crazy questions!!

♥ Lauren


  1. Hmm.. out of the two choices, I like Tech Tuesdays.

    I also have a present for you


  2. Telecomm Tuesdays makes sense for the meme and is more catchy.

  3. We did think about Tube Tuesday, but there's just something about the word Tube...

    - lauren

  4. OMG, she is hilarious!

    I like the name Tech Tuesdays :)

  5. Hey!

    Extra entries again in your upcoming contest again? Yipee!

    I prefer Tech Tuesdays :)



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