Friday, August 14, 2009

Fridays Facts

youSo this is a new meme we have decided to create. Hopefully, it can be weekly. We'll see. This is a list of random facts that we can come up with. Maybe they'll be facts about authors, books, obscure or not. Maybe they'll be about something completely off topic, like dogs or rainbows. This week though, we're doing something special, something very dear to both Lauren and Alex.

Mainly, ourselves.

Yes, we are completely egotistic. Yes, we care a lot about ourselves. Yes, we are obnoxious teenagers. Beware.

Oh, and this is our 101th post. Yay! (It was going to be 100 but Lauren accidentally posted her review before). This gives us a right to be self-centered.

Now, ontoooo the facts!

1) Alex and Lauren met on a fateful day in gr. 2. Lauren had just moved to the town, this was her new school. She was in Alex's class. Oh wait, first, a little back story. Alex was a shy, young girl. She enjoyed the simple things in life: picking up beads during recess, chatting along with friends, and most of all, unearthing a rock with a buddy. That all changed though, when Lauren entered. She stole away Alex's friends. Alex was heartbroken, left all alone, sniveling into her sleeve, while the others played ball, happy and carefree.

Lauren, on the hand, thinks Alex is biased. And only remembers picking out tiny beads from a sand pit and storing them in Alex's epi-pen holder.

Oh and a birthday party :)

The end. Slash not really. Maybe these memories aren't even real. Alex is sort of wondering. This could have all been a dream.


2) Alex and Lauren weren't reunited however, until gr. 6, where the two became much closer, and old animosity was lost. In gr. 7, the two went to the same school (actually, all of the elementary school went to the same middle school) and were happily in the same class.

3) At the end of gr. 7, Lauren was deemed gifted, and therefore moved away from our crummy middle school. She went on to do high and great things like join several bands and go on fancy trips. For middle school graduation, Alex went to a theme park for a day, a mere two hours away. Lauren, for graduation, went skiing. CORRECTION BY LAUREN: How in God's name could I go skiing in June Alex? We ate lunch there. For a band trip, Alex went to a local Swiss Chalet and attended a karaoke night in the school gym. Lauren, went to Wonderland, biggest theme park in Canada.

4) But even though they were apart, the two remained friends. They still traded books, still talked, still hung out and did silly things. For instance, they entered a contest hosted by Libba Bray. They made a barbie video, with a little help from another friend, which we have embed here for your amusement.

To their complete and utter amazement, they won. Alex and Lauren screamed and were giddy for weeks after. Alex and Lauren have yet to read The Eternal Kiss, however, because there are no copies in their city. They are currently thinking up ideas on how to get the book. Plans range from ransacking a publishing house to driving cross-country to get it to simply ordering online. The last one, while easiest, is also the most boring.

5) Lauren hopes to be an archaeologist. Maybe. She doesn't really know. Alex, however, has no idea whatsoever. She hopes to figure this out in the next year or so, to be able to plan and not feel so confused. Science, art, literature, computers? So much to take, so much to learn, too much to figure out. Gr. 12 will be hell.


  1. Whoa...Thats a nice meeting~ Dreamy-ish.

    haha For some reason all thsi time I was under the impression Alex was a boy...sorry !

  2. Cool facts. I met my best friend when she came to my school. We actually lived next door to each other for a few years.

  3. You guys need to go into the movie making business. Movies would be so much better if we used barbies and just through them on the floor when they were finished. HAHAHA that was hilarious. Such a good rendition of A Great and Terrible Beauty.


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