Monday, August 10, 2009

Contests + Awards

So, since I figure I should post but don't really feel like doing a full review, I'll just notify you all about some great contests out and about, and also award a couple awards. :)

The Book Scout is holding her first contest, so yay! She's giving away Exclusively Chloe and The Diamonds here.

Lots of wonderful Prophecy of Sisters swag going around! Frenetic Reader is giving away:
  • Prophecy playlist
  • Visa gift card
  • Prophecy bookmark (they are PURTY bookmarks!)
  • Prophecy magnet
  • signed Prophecy poster
  • lip gloss
  • candy
  • choice of DVD between PS I Love You or Atonement
So hello, what are you waiting for? Just click here. :)

Lost in a Book is giving away an ARC of Ruined by Paula Morris here for Contest Monday!

Sharon at Sharon Loves Books And Cats is giving away Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading and How To Say Goodbye in Robot. In a new special twist to support adult YA book bloggers, you get 3 extra points if you're an adult! How cool is that? Not an adult, but I think it's an awesome idea, so just go here.

Of course, there's TONS more of contests always up and running. For more, you can check the right sidebar. If you're holding a contest, we'll gladly add you to this list too. :)

And now onto a the awards!

From Kelsey at The Book Scout, the Humane Award.
Awarding this to:

The Neverending Shelf

Bookworming in the 21st Century

Wondrous Reads

From Kate at The Neverending Shelf, Spread the Love Award
Awarding this to:

B.A.M Book Reviews

And Anything Bookish

A Maze of Books

From Briana, Arielle, and Marisa at B.A.M Book Reviews
Awarding this to:

Good Books and Good Wine

Rhiannon Hart

Lucid Conspiracy

Some of these are repeats for us, and no doubt some of these are repeats for others. So of course, if you wish to not accept the award, that's perfectly acceptable, although I wouldn't be able to understand why. :P Everyone loves awards! :D And while we have received some of these before, I don't think that means that these ones are any less special. Plus, this time the awards are more individually given, because I think it's much more personal and special.

- Alex


  1. Congratulations on your awards!! :D

    And thanks for giving me an award! =)

  2. Glad you got the award! Thanks for mentioning the contest (BTW, it's Exclusively Chloe, not Becoming) (:

  3. Congratulations on your awards, and thank you so much for mine!

  4. Thanks so much for another lovely award. I <3 you.

  5. Thansk Alex! Will try and post it up & pass it on tomorrow.. :)

  6. Thanks a bunch for the award!

  7. Congrats on your recent award win!


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