Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alright, have you SEEN this cover?

Look at that! Look! See that little red circle? Inside, in case you can't see it, it says



Oh god, what has the world come to? Sorry die-hard Twilight fans out there. I'm not meaning to bash you. Heck, I'm not really bashing Twilight. Really. I don't mind Twilight. I used to love Twilight. And then the huge franchise came. And now the whole thing borders on creepy now for me. Edward Cullen- excuse me, Robert Patterson- backpacks! What will the marketing world think of next? I enter Coles, and there, lo and behold, are tons of Rob Pattersons staring at me. Enough to give a girl the shivers... and not the good kind.

Off that topic. I get shudders just thinking of it.

Why is Wuthering Heights being republished in this format? WHY? I don't think there needs to be such a thing as this. Wuthering Heights is a classic. Does it really need to be promoted by Twilight? Really? Plus the cover... Very Twilight-esque.

I'm actually guilty of not reading Wuthering Heights. But it's been on my to-read list for ages. And not because of Twilight. Why is Wuthering Heights being marketed like this? Can anyone tell me? I just... galrjdaddf. I can say no more words on this. I'm sorry. It just... disgusts me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this in stores. It makes me want to burst into tears- the whole of literature seems to be dissolving into Twilight.

So that's obviously a hyperbole. (I recently discovered it is not actually pronounced hype-er-bowl but hi-per-bo-lee and was blown away. What's wrong with me? Did I miss some pronouncing gene? Because I do this with everything.)

But really. Wuthering Heights: Bella and Edward's favourite book. Is that the best thing that can be said about Wuthering Heights? I mean, sure, it's a smart move in marketing. Wuthering Heights sales will probably skyrocket, because the world knows there is way too many Twilight fans. But I hate these types of sales. It's not for the sake of selling a good book. It is for the sake of money.

I could go on forever, most likely. But I'll stop. I'll stop to ask you all: What are your opinions on this new cover?

I also apologize to anyone who is a Twilight fan. I just can't stand this. And I know my friend can't either. Anyone else agree? I'll be reading Wuthering Heights eventually... but definitely not with this cover.

- Alex


  1. O.o OMG I hope you don't mind, but I am so talking about this, this, UGH on my blog!

    Great post! I am with you!

  2. Ha. Go ahead. Talk. Spread this scary scary thing around.

    - Alex

  3. I hate how everything is about Twilight now. I hope vampire-themed things die down soon unless they're really worth reading. Another reason why I dislike Twilight. Wow...

  4. Yeah, I wasn't impressed with that little red circle either! (And I AM a die-hard Twilight fan, lol).

  5. I agree--this is appalling! As if Emily Bronte didn't suffer enough in life, now they're trying to make her spin in her grave! I loved Twilight but the idea of using it to sell Wuthering Heights is truly revolting.

  6. This Is Messed Up! Emily Bronte Doesn't Even Know Who The Heck Bella And Edward Are!! If Anything This Book Inspired Stephenie To Write About It In The Twilight Books! As For The Cover, It Is Pretty.. But You're Right! At First Glance People Would Probably Assume It Has Something To Do With The The Saga. And That Little Red Unholy Circle Has Got To Be Removed!!! LOL!


  7. That cover is horrible. I am SO sick of the Twilight mania. Grr.

  8. Hhm, I thought it was hype-er-bowl too. Live and learn. Anyhoo...
    Mildly revolting, but isn't all marketing revolting? The publishers have kinda shot themselves in the foot though. The Twilightesque cover will draw in Twihards, but it's revolting to Twihaters, so really their sells aren't going to improve by much.

  9. I gotta admit, I do love Twilight, I'm a huge fan. But promoting a book (especially a classic) by putting a stamp of approval from Bella and Edward is going too far. This is a classic and you don't mess around with classics like that.


  10. They aren't even real people.That's the weirdest thing to me.

  11. *shrug* Honestly, I'm not terribly interested in even reading Twilight - what I've heard sounds like it's probably not for me, but this doesn't bother me. I mean, there's obviously SOMETHING in the books that is catching people's imagination (well, that or something in sexy-bad-boy-vampire-guy's face - they glitter in the moonlight? I totally can't get past that). From what I've HEARD it's not the sort of imagination that will catch and stay with them forever (unless they get a tatoo :D), so, why not let them branch out from there? Why not use modern fluff-gothic as a gateway to something else? The wonderful thing about literature is that it IS versatile.

  12. I laughed about the red circle.

    And to answer the question you left on my blog... lesse where did I find it. I found how to do just the words that you click and it shows up on blogger as a menubar... that is...

    I had to fiddle around with it and then I don't really like it. *sigh* So, I found this other thing you can do.. it's a custom header. You can download...GIMP - for free and there's some instructions you can get if you search GIMP menubar. I haven't tackled that yet, but I'm sure I will! :) You can add stuff to it that will then link to the different webpages. I'm sure there's some other easy ways to do it, but I haven't found one that includes graphics.. yet.

  13. My first impression: Sad. That is just sad. Although I'm also guilty of not reading Wuthering Heights, it bothers me how they're marketing it. Smart move, yes. But still.

    I'm trying to find a bright side to this: Although some more people will take a chance at reading this classic, I'm hoping those people will come away liking it because they actually like it and not because Bella and Edward does. I hope it spurs them to try other classics.

    I'm fond of the cover, but I can't judge if it suits Wuthering Heights or not since I haven't read it.

  14. I have know that it was hyp-er-bole and I still say it that way, if I don't stop any think about it. I seem to have missed the gene too.

    Okay, the cover. I'm speechless to say the least (well to type the least?) Anyway, what is wrong with these people! It is on my reading list but I wouldn't buy this book, just because of that little circle. I'll go with the original one. And the circle is wrong, if you want to get technical about it.

    Edward never said he liked the book, just Bella. What has this world come to where everything has to be about Twilight so they can make money? I think its very sad.

  15. I'm a Twilight fan, and I'm bothered by this.

    I'm a disappointed this book company is using the Twilight Saga fame for marketing purposes.

    The book is one of the CLASSICS, for goodness sakes!

  16. Wow. That's ridiculous. I am SO sick of hearing about Twilight. What a slam to a classic! The Bronte Sisters DO NOT need Twilight to sell their book. Ugh.
    Actually, when I first saw the cover, it reminded me A LOT of the Evermore cover. Anyone else agree?

  17. I really love Twilight. However, this is pretty hideous. I'm sick of the black-cover-with-red-object craze. I'm also disturbed by the fact that three books I own by different authors have Stephenie Meyer's name on their front covers.

    What is the point of this? Anyone gullible enough to buy this as some kind of Twilight add-on probably doesn't have the smarts to read Wuthering Heights anyway.

  18. Was it Edward's favourite book? I thought only Bella liked it...

    I've never read it, either. I've tried, but it was boring and didn't seem to be going anywhere. I've seen a movie adaptation, though. Disturbed characters and dysfunctional relationships galore! So I guess Bella liking it makes perfect sense...

    Not that they should be marketing it like this. For one thing, the sort of person who thinks Twilight is a masterpiece of good writing wouldn't be able to get past the first page of Wuthering Heights. No matter how pretty the cover is, you still need to be fairly intelligent to comprehend what's inside.

  19. 0__o WOAH. WHY are they doing that to a classic? What has the world come to? First the BK crowns with Team Edward or Team Jacob on them, then this... *shakes head at the world*

    Is it ok if I post about thison my blog? This is too good not to mock *smirks* :)

    P.S. Thanks for entering my contest- you're entered 2 times, good luck :)

  20. Wow that is so wrong! I love Twilight but that is very werird and messed up.

  21. I Agree with you 100%!!! What is the book world comming too! I mean i liked twilight,but come'on how much longer can they extend this!!! Such a crime to do this to a great classic!!! :(


  22. Totally agree! I enjoyed twilight, but after people made (well still are) making it a big thing, it's kind of old and getting on my nerve. Everytime I walk into the bookstore, there is twilight everywhere. I don't mind the books, but the magazines and posters, and even journals COME ON! If they do that with twilight, why not with other books that are better? And it should be a crime to do that to a classic.

  23. I know you're all going to hate me but...

    At first, I thought it was such a wrong idea! I rolled eyes and was ready to protest! Without being a Twilight hater, I'm not completely in love either, but the phenomenon's size always puzzled me.

    After talking with a younger fan (she was 14, close to 15) who had read Wuthering Heights after reading Twilight, I realized that hey, if Twilight pushes younger (and who knows, older?) readers towards the classics, should I complain? Obviously, I wouldn't have chosen to market it this way. It IS weird, and all sorts of wrong, but I'm just trying to see the bright side of this! :) Don't throw me tomatoes please; I prefer cake! ;)

  24. THIS is why it happened:

  25. I used to love Twilight to...excellent novel but you hit the nail on the head when you say the franchise has ruined has, to the point where ahh!!!

    I took twilight of my favourites shelf because im that pissed...

    Wuthering Heights...omg thats tragic, bella and edwards favourite book omg...

    the funny thing about is that i forgot it was bellas favourite book...i thought it was Zoey's (House of Night) or Rose's (Vampire Academy)...


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