Saturday, August 1, 2009

I had a dream...

And it was frightening, to say the least. Actually, it reminded me a lot of Hunger by Michael Grant. (Reviewed here.) I guess it does make sense since I just read Hunger last week.

Since I feel like it, I'll describe my dream to you. Be warned though, my dreams tend to be nonsensical and rambling, cutting from scene to scene. And they're long enough to be their own novel.

We're all stuck in a building. 3 different rooms, every wall made of hard glass. For some reason, we all have special powers. (This is the Hunger influence.) I have the power to change into any element- light as oxygen, hard as iron.

There are two sides. Battling each other for our lives. Don't know why- but we are. We, being all kids. No adults, no supervision. Only teenagers running rampant. (More Hunger) There's a lot of talking, fighting, threatening. The bad, evil leader (who remains faceless even to myself since I don't remember faces ever) speaks of bringing out the dragons to hurt everyone who defies him.

More yelling, screaming, fighting.

Scene changes.

Now, I, on the team of good (of course) are planning to ambush the bad side. They are holding the Golden Fleece (mythology/Percy Jackson reference there) and we need to take it back before the world destructs. (Don't ask me. I have no idea why I dream what I dream.) Picture this: A field. Lots of trees and posts to hide behind. There is one path that splits into two to go around the field. The bad team has lots of huge cocoons cradled in their hands. In one of the cocoons is the Golden Fleece.

They try to flee, but we surround them. They try to fight, but we fight back. Some break away with cocoons, but some of our people chase after them and get them. We prevail. The Golden Fleece in ours.

There's some other jumbled up bits in there. Dialogue I can't remember.

The gist of this random post is pretty much, Books really do affect us. A lot. My dreams are influenced by the books I read, my thoughts, my feelings, my mood.

But maybe that's just me. To what extent do books affect you? And which book affects you the most?


  1. I once dreamed about Buzzlight year on a magic broom... I was reading harry potter.

  2. Your dreams are much more complex than mine! Lol. I've dreamt about a character from a book before... but I won't say who because I'll get made fun of haha.


  3. Man, I never remember my dreams! Based on your story, I'm really missing out. :)

  4. I have had dreams about the characters from a few books before. They were REALLY weird.


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