Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Facts (2)

This time, on Friday Facts, we are featuring... this blog! Go A Flight of Minds!

Actually, this is mostly because we lack imagination and can't think of much else to do it on. Also, pressed for time. :/


1. A Flight of Minds is a project of imagination. It started months ago, with Lauren perusing book blogs. She got Alex involved and soon an idea hatched in Alex's head. Why not make a book blog? If others could do it, so could they.

2. With a lot of nagging and whining on Alex's part, Lauren finally caved and started the book blog with her. Lauren thought it would take too much work. Silly girl.

3. The blog was first started on April 26th, 2009. Or at least, that was the day of the first post.

4. Lauren and Alex went through a lot of different names. Some were terrible. Some were horrendous and can't be uttered again. Finally decided on A Flight of Minds... because the other choices were terrible. These included: Gen Y reviews, Teens Review Too (Knock off of Teens Read Too), and Where There Are Reviews. There were also name ideas that included "brains" and "head" and "Two" which are completely embarrassing to think of to this day.

5. Out of the 111 posts, including this one, 48 of them have been reviews. Mostly by Alex.

6. Lauren has oddly enough posted 5 reviews in the past week. Quite the record! (Obviously someone needs a life.)

7. Since Sitemeter was set up, sometime in May, there have been 3227 visits with 6803 page views.

8. Although, according to ClustrMaps, since August 3, there have been 1181 visits.

9. Sitemeter and ClustrMaps do not line up very well. They're about... 400 off. Isn't that odd?

10. We were our first followers. :P It looked slightly less pathetic to have ourselves as followers than have it say "there is currently no one following this blog", or whatever it says.

11. We will hold a contest soon. We promise. Really. We just need to get everything sorted out.

12. We're thinking of just having the winner of the contest decide what books they want: they could pick from anything, as long as it's not over a certain amount. Maybe?

13. Brains have fried making this post. Mostly Alex. Darn Lauren for going away again.


Hmm, can you guess who made this post? Also, somehow switched from third person to first person. O_O Too lazy to fix.

Because these posts are getting awfully weird and random, we ask YOU, dear readers, to help us with Friday Facts. Ask us questions in a comment to this post, and you'll get bonus entries in our upcoming contest! We'll answer the questions asked in next week's post. The questions can be as random as you like, so long as they're ones we can answer. If you ask us "What colour is my underwear", we won't know. Sorry, but we're not psychic and we cannot see through computer screens to look at your underwear.


  1. Lol! You guys are great! The underwear comment made me laugh so hard. My question for you:

    Since you have started your blog, have you or Lauren ever thought about having splitting up and each having your own blog?

  2. Haha awesome! I love this post :)


  3. Thank you so much for participating in my contest for "Boy Toy". I'd love to have the two of you submit a review (or two haha!) as Guest Reviews. My email address is missremmeres[at]
    Thank you for pointing out to me that my email can be hard to find - I'm going to fix that now. :) Thanks!

  4. You guys are hilarious!!

    I have an award for you here at my blog:

  5. You guys are dorks! :-D

    I nominated your blog for an award on my blog.

  6. Ok, my question is.... *drumroll*

    How many books do you guys read a week? ;P

  7. Hey guys!

    Extra entries in an upcoming contest?
    Awesome! Okay so.. my question is..

    Do you prefer reading about faeries, zombies, werewolves, witches or vampires?



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