Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sarah Dessen Challenge

We've belatedly decided to join the Sarah Dessen Challenge. :)

Seeing as it's a joint blog with Lauren and I, we're doing a joint challenge. Lauren's a picky reader and will only read some of Sarah Dessen's books, so it's probably up to me to fill in the holes, as per usual. So pretty much, we hope to read all 9 of Sarah Dessen's books between the two of us. Of course, we can both read the same book and it's fine.

1. Along For The Ride (Lauren)

I recently bought some of Sarah Dessen's books, so I am now a proud owner of four. :) I just need to get them back since I've lent them all to different friends... :P The rest I guess we can either buy or simply borrow from the library. I hope to buy them all, so if there's ever a good sale somewhere, that's probably when.
We hope to finish this challenge by the end of 2009. So deadline: beginning of 2010. Must keep that in mind.
The Sarah Dessen Challenge is hosted at Em's Bookshelf. So go over there if you haven't signed up and would like to, because there's still plenty of time.


  1. Oh that sounds fun!! I would totally do that.. but I have already read all of her books. ha. They are all quite amazing! I hope you enjoy them all!! :)


  2. I hope you enjoy the challenge :)


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