Friday, July 31, 2009

The ABCs of me

We were tagged by The Collegiate Bookworm. Lauren is sadly not here, but maybe she'll do this meme when she comes back. Who knows. This passes the time though, so here goes.

The Rules:

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The ABCs of me, Alex

Available or single?

Best Friend?
None. I have lots of close and not so close friends, but not one true bestbestbest friend.

Cake or Pie?
Both! :) I tend to prefer cake over pie though, since cake is more sugary to me.

Drink of choice?
Juice, water, hot chocolate.

Essential item for every day use?

Computer. Books. Cellphone. Ipod.

Favorite color?

Purple! I love purple and have since I was a child.


As in do I use Google? Yes. It's pretty much the only search engine I use.


Ottawa, ON.

Anything sweet. Chocolate, candy, all junk food. :P

January or February?

Ummm. January I guess? No wait, no no. February. January I have exams at the end. Ick. So February, when the new semester starts.

Kids and their names?

I don't have any kids. I guess though if I did in the future... Actually, I have no idea. I really like gem/stone names like Emerald and Diamond, but I'd never actually name my child that. Frankly, I haven't given baby names much of a thought.

Life is incomplete without...?

My friends and family. The Internet+computer. Books. Sound + sight.

Marriage date?
I haven't even met The One. XD It's weird saying The One. My marriage date is somewhere long off in the future.

Number of siblings?

2. I'm the oldest but for some reason am not the boss. That would be the littlest one at age four.

Oranges or apples?

Apples. I used to be allergic to apples actually. They made my throat and tongue itch and I couldn't have them for a couple years which was horrible. I love oranges too though. Apples more.

Phobias and fears?

Mmm. None that are really distinct I guess. I don't like needles or bugs but that's boring. And it's not really a fear, more I just don't like them. Fear of death? Fear of time.

Quote for the day?

I couldn't think of a good one. So I googled "quote of the day" and picked a random quote. Here you go:
The vitality of thougth is an adventure. Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them.- Alfred North Whitehand

Reason to smile?
Being alive? Being healthy and in a good life. Having a great family and friends. Being able to be cheesy like this.


Summer- there is no school. Except this summer for me has been all terrible weather. Rain and rain and more rain.

Tag 3 people?

Unknown fact about me?

Well, it's well known in RL, but I have allergies. Anaphylaxis to all peanuts, nuts, and eggs. I carry an epipen. It's not very fun. Nor exciting. It means I have to check ingredients and can't eat a lot of baked goods.

Vegatable you hate?

Hmmm. I don't really hate many veggies. I don't like olives. I used to dislike tomatoes but now find the edible enough. Can't really think of a vegetable I hate though.

Worst habit?

Too many to name? Naah not that bad. I'm a procrastinator, a rambler, an excessive eater (although I manage to avoid obesity somehow) and I pretend to be way cooler than I am. :P I tend to be on the computer and stay inside too much for my own good. I don't always brush my teeth in the morning. I'm forgetful and don't listen well (or I pretend to not hear my dad telling me to do the dishes. XD)

Xrays you've had?

... Um. I don't know if I've had any. I've never broken or sprained anything, thankfully. I did hurt my thumb a couple years back and my mom panicked and took me to CHEO. I might have been x-rayed then. Oh, nothing was wrong with my thumb. A little bruised, that's all.

Your fave food?

Noodles. Hands down. I can eat noodles every meal, every day.

Zodiac sign?
Virgo! I'm a september baby.

And so this meme ends. It was
fun while it lasted. :)

- Alex


  1. Fun ABCs. Good to know a little bit more about you.

  2. Thanks for tagging us :D
    I love surveys


  3. interesting to know a bit miore about you!

    I'm going to try and do my survey soon...

  4. I echo's great to learn more about you! I also like this meme...good choice!

  5. Haha you tagged me! I will have to do this tomorrow, when I have brain power. I'm lucky to get through my emails tonight. :) So, check it out late afternoon/night tomorrow. :)


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