Thursday, July 30, 2009

A random little story to soothe my restless soul (and content my bored mind)

Need is sitting on the computer desk. My four year old sister comes and crawls onto my lap. She spots the book. And then suddenly asks:

"Why is there no eyes?"

She is indeed wondering why the model's head is cut off so only the lips and down are shown. I start to laugh. I ask,

"You don't like the cover of the book? Because there are no eyes?"

She shakes her head. She doesn't like it.

"And what are those black squiggly things at the bottom?"

Of course, she's talking about the tree branches. I cannot help but giggle and snort at that. I try to explain that they're trees, but she doesn't seem to interested in my explanation. Instead, she spots a little stuffed mouse laying on the table and proceeds to play with it.

Ah, to be four again. Everything is so simple and uncomplicated. Sidetracked easily, yes. But you can also get away with almost anything because you're just too darn cute. I can't resist my sister. Especially when she snuggles in against me. Okay, say it with me now, "Aaaw!". Right, right?

This post originates from my brain and complete and utter boredom. I'm almost done Need now, but I don't currently feel like reading it. I'll expound on that later when I post my review, which will probably be some time during the weekend. There is no point to this post. I just felt like doing something, and posting makes me feel semi-productive. I'd feel double-productive if I actually got up and cleaned my room or something, but I'm too lazy for that. Instead, I content myself with posting random nothings on this blog. It is slightly book related, this post, isn't it?

Oh. I have an idea. To give this post some actual substance, I'll ask you all a question: Hate the no eyes/cut off face look or like it?

Personally, I like it. My sister doesn't. Let's see which side wins.

- Alex


  1. I honestly had never given any thought to it not having eyes. I personally like the cover, but do not really care for the lipstick color.

    sidenote: when you look at the cover blown up like you have it, it kinda looks like the chick has a moustache

  2. I know that people are passionate about the whole headless covers thing, and on that issue, I do have an opinion. But the face without eyes? I think it's just striking - draws your attention to the cover, like a magazine ad with just lips does (you know those adds - for lipstick or jaw creme or whatever they're selling - it's just a big pair of bright red lips on a page). My issue with the cover is actually the strange gold lip gloss. Every time I see it I just want to hand the model a tissue. I know that isn't normal...

  3. I really like the cover! It's what really attracts me to this book :)



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