Saturday, October 17, 2009

So I was researching...

... for a school project of mine, and discovered that in Canada, almost half of the people are semi-illiterate, with some not being able to read at all, and will never have the chance to. They have no means of getting the teaching they need to learn. And that's in Canada! One of the developped countries- third world countries have far worse percentage rates. (Or is it not third world anymore? I don't know the politically correct term of the moment.)

It makes me thankful I'm so priviledged as to be raised in a family where education is a priority. I learned to read early on, and obviously, I've enjoyed it immensely. Reading has surpassed everything pretty much to me (besides family, friends, etc., but you know what I mean). Without being able to read... wow. Where would I be?

Where would YOU be? Since all of you must be able to read since you're reading my post, what would life be to you without being able to read? Nevermind the books we wouldn't be able to read (though important as they are). Imagine not being able to read bills so you can pay, not being able to read signs at the supermarket, not being able to read a label on a can. Without being able to read, there are so many hazards in life that you're oblivious to.

Take some time to think. Maybe donate a little money even. I'm hoping to convince my class to hold an event at the school to raise awareness.

- Alex


  1. Imagine not being able to read medicine labels, that would be deadly.

  2. I think you would have to take in consideration that Canada do have many immigrants so yes, they will be semi-literate. And boy, I don't think it is possible for me to never be able to read. I loved reading since I was a little kid!

    I do know that there are a couple of organizations out there that exist to help kids be able to read but I can't recall them.

  3. You are awesome, Alex! I can never imagine myself not being able to read. Reading books is what I look forward to everyday. :( I am going to try to convince the president of my creative writing club to have a fundraiser of some sort for illiterate children.

  4. I can't even contemplate such a thought. Not being able to read?? My parents taught me at an early age, which I'm very grateful for.

    I think we still say "third world", but "developing" seems to be the catch phrase these days!

  5. I watched a program about illiterate parents in the UK. I would hate not being able to read.

  6. I agree with Diana Dang. I think immigration probably has a lot to do with the problem. Especially when you're dealing with languages like English and Chinese where you don't even use the same system of letters!

    If I couldn't read... well, I don't know what I'd do. I read pretty much all day long. It would be very frustrating to not understand much of what I was reading.

  7. Did you know that a portion of the proceeds from EVERY book purchased at goes towards literacy-related charities. It's one of my favorite places to purchase books because of that fact!


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