Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's all YA, YA, YA, but what about everything else?

This is a YA blog, no doubt about it. Pretty much YA is the only genre we review and talk about here. But what about all the other genres? How many of you out there read/review books outside of YA novels? And if so, which do you prefer, and why?

I'm a young adult, I read young adult novels. It's that plain and simple for me. When I was younger, I read novels for kids. When I was in the middle grade, I read MG books (with YA novels also). But obviously that isn't the case for others, seeing how many YA reviewers aren't actually teens. So power to the YA peeps, for making those adults never wanting to let go.

And what about graphic novels? I, for one, am a HUGE fan of manga, and probably own more manga than YA novels. I know there must be other avid manga readers out there, even if you don't review manga on your blog like some. Manga's great because there's all sorts of types out there to match whoever's desires.

YA novels are awesome because they can incorporate anything, from rabid teenage werewolves, to frothy romances, to depressing suicide stories, to high school dramas, to everything and beyond! It's a huge eclectic range that can't be defined and is always growing. Quite the beauty, no?

But I'm sure all those other genres out there have wonderful attributes also.

So what do you think? Anyone want to add in two cents?

- Alex

(And yeah, if you couldn't tell, this is a random filler post. My weirdo addiction to blogging in which something must be posted every day. Maybe it's time to bring back some memes?)


  1. I don't review much of it, but I really like Middle Grade novels. They're really funny so that's probably why. YA is a really fantastic genre and I agree with how you say it covers many aspects. I don't read mangas much...just occassionally--I stick with animes xD

    Nice post. You have great points.

  2. I never seem to tire of YA, though I have left my teenaged years far behind me. The authors in this genre have fantastic writing that I never seem to find in adult general fiction. I might not be looking hard enough, but I really think there is some amazing talent in the YA arena.

    I've been typically reviewing/reading YA on my blog, but I also like to find new SF/fantasy books to scout out. However, as a very particular reader, it is hard to find an author I really like in this genre. I like good stories with a dash of humor and action!

    Other than that, sometimes I'll stumble across a romance or mystery novel that sounds good. Sometimes romances are like YA - you never know what you'll find and they're always expanding like the recent explosion of paranormal romances! I would say that romance is pretty ecletic too ;)

  3. I have told myself that I have to post everyday until Christmas starting from... whenever I posted the post that said I would post everyday until Christmas =D

    My blog is a YA blog. But I have non-YA books which I will review as well at some point. I just like mixing it up a bit. I love YA though :D

  4. Although my blog is generally YA, I do like to read something different occasionally, like a classic, graphic novel, or something of the sort. But for the most part I read what I can relate to. :)

  5. I read just about anything really. but my favorite genre would have to be Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance...

  6. As one of the adults who blogs primarily YA novels I have to say I love the originality, writing and characterization that authors in this genre provide. This isn't to say other genres don't have that too but I don't get a lot of books in YA that are entirely predictable which I truly enjoy. I wasn't always a YA reader in fact it was a recent shift brought on by reading The Hunger Games (thank you Suzanne Collins!).

    I also still read (on a pretty limited basis) chicklit, the occasional mystery, and contemporary fiction. I've never been a literary fiction or strict sci-fi fan they just don't appeal to me. In the end I say read what you like, if it's all in one genre so be like it!


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