Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a whole jumble of thoughts and updates

Because I feel we should have a post today. For some reason, I feel awful when there isn't a post everyday. Some kind of guilt. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this blogging addiction?

First, some news. I've been seeing it around a lot today, about TLC putting rules on book reviewing. Something like reviewers must state where they got the book and/or return the book or else pay a fine. Ummmm. Not too sure if I'm completely getting it. WHY would such laws be put in place? It honestly just seems like a pain to everyone. But I've only skimmed articles and posts, so I'm definitely not the an expert or very knowledgable on the subject.

Donna at Bites made a wonderful post asking if good books are only those tough old classics. The answer: Course not! In my humble opinion, and I'm guessing quite a percentage of the population. I'd suggest you going to take a look at the post, because I think it raises a good question. It's like saying, Pride & Prejudice or Twilight- which is the better book? Pride & Prejudice because it was published nearly 200 years ago, but it still is relatable today? Twilight because thousands of girls, young and old alike, swoon at the thought of Edward? Can we REALLY judge what makes a book good?

You may have noticed posts are a little in decline lately. That, my friends, is school. Lauren and I are not organised enough to schedule posts in advance except for the odd one now and then, so posts will probably be in the evening after school and activities. Sorry folks! We wish we had more free time too. :( Book reading has become incredibly slow, as we both have books we must read for school. (Gaar, Hard Times.)

Tech Tuesdays and Fact Fridays may or may not be discontinued. We're still wanting to do them, but wondering if we have enough time. Especially Fact Fridays because Lauren and I actually need to get together and coordinate them. Thursday Thunks, dropped forevermore. We're thinking of doing Throwdown Thursday instead. Maybe. We'll see if we can pull our act together.

Oh! And does anyone know what the dancing circle to hold the demons looks like in The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan. My poor brother desperately needs to know for an english project. (I convinced him to read it. :D And Gone too. He loves them! And may potentially review them on this site...)

And ah, that's it I guess. This nonsense post is product of a fun deprived brain needing to get back to homework! Oh joy...

Feel free to throw in your two cents about anything.

- Alex


  1. Feel your pain. I get all twitchy if I don't have a post down. Which is why I decided to create a new meme thingie called Q4U, so I can pull it out anytime I want to fill up my blog. But I fear that if I do that, my blog will be filled with memes. :(

    Hate school, it's a killer! I can't read at all because of the essays I have to do!

  2. What's TLC? xD

    I have the smae problem with school! It's so hard to find balence in these crazy times! xP

  3. I STILL need to read Demons Lexicon! X-x


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