Saturday, May 23, 2009

Review by Lauren - Skunk Girl

Alright firstoff, no reviews for a little bit. ONLY BECAUSE:

My English teacher is a huge pain and talked to us for two whole months this semester about Pro-Indo European, and creation. We did nothing, and I mean nothing. We sat in class while he talked about... I really don't even remember. School ends in three weeks, and so far we have read two poems. Now I have 2 books to read at home while we work on Richard III in class and I have to have my summative (20% of my mark) ready in three weeks. On a book we started yesterday.
So I really need to focus on reading those books instead of all these.

I'm really, really sorry (if it's any consolation, Alex is going to shoot me in the head for not reviewing enough already) and I WILL try to fit extra reading in when I think my head will explod, but other than that, I really need to do well in this course because my mark sucks. Seriously.



Skunk Girl by Sheba Karim

amazon summary

Skunk Girl is about a 16-year-old Pakistani girl named Nina who has no life thanks to her parents strict, religious (Muslim) views. She can't date (which extends to talking to boys), go to parties, have sleepovers etc, which has really taken a toll on her social life.

I found Skunk Girl very entertaining and funny. It was so interesting to watch as Nina struggled with trying to fit in in some way and dealing with this adorable Italian boy, Asher, who actually seemed to like her for who she was.

I have no complaints for Skunk Girl. I was entertained the entire time - dying in class to start reading it again. It's nice to have a protagonist that is such an underdog, one you can really relate to - and it's not in some heartbreaking way, like death (I'm not saying that those books aren't good either, this was just a change) and it's just all the little comical things that bring you closer to her.


  1. oh wow, that's actually in my reading pile! :D

  2. -_________-

    You should have come to my school. We have great english teachers who actual teach. I expect you to work extra hard during the summer then reading Lauren. Actually, I should really be concentrating on studies, like summatives, too, but whatever. Books are more interesting. :P

    And hey, how come I never got Skunk Girl? I request like every book from the library... oh well. I may have to now though. :D

    - Alex

  3. This sounds really interesting. I'd never heard of it before. Great review :)


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