Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review by Alex- Bones of Faerie

Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

In response to Lauren's post on the book. In case some of you non-existant readers cannot see the post below mine, Lauren's review is here.

I thought Bones of Faerie was interesting enough. Like Lauren, I really do like faeries and post-apocolyptic novels. So I thougth, combined, it would be awesome. But, while I did like it... it wasn't amazing to me either. I found myself getting distracted and my mind wandered, and then I'd get confused about what I was reading about because I wasn't paying attention. My mind wanders a lot, but I consider it a good book if I can easily get back into it; with Bones of Faerie- not so much.

Anyway, I do think Bones of Faerie was good. The world was interesting. And it shows just how much can go wrong... when we forget who we are. It shows just how awful wars can be, how destructive, how terribly stupid and insane in some ways.

But, I just didn't feel invested in the whole thing. It was more of a ladeeda read for me. I'll read it, I'll like it, the end. Nothing more to it. The characters were nice enough, but not fleshed out enough for me, and it was just like... okay. I did think Allie was cute. And I cringed with Liza when her father was angry with her. Urgh. Her father. He was horrible. And he reminded me a lot of Mrs. Pincent in The Declaration, which I just read. (See earlier posts.) He made it so that Liza was used to being abused, and any kindness that is given to her is a shock to Liza. I just find that- too awful to imagine. I would hate to live like that, and for that, I feel absolutely no sympathy for Liza's dad.

Overall, nice enough read. Yay. Faeries. Evil/not evil. Creepy shadows. I'm not going to remember Bones of Faerie though later on.

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