Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review by Lauren - Bones of Faerie


Bones of Faerie combines two of my favorite (and a little too common) novel themes - faeries and post-apocalyptic societies.

This time, instead of crazy aliens or zombies, it's the humans against the faeries in a war that destroys society. The main character is Liza, who lives in a small village with no acceptance of magic. When her sister is born with trademark clear faerie hair, her father makes the only choice he has - killing the child. Soon after, her mother disappears into the woods with no word.

Oh, did I mention that everything is alive? Yeah, the trees, plants - but they're nasty. Basically: you go into the woods after dark, there's no way you're coming back alive.

The book follows Liza's discovery of herself and her magic, her mother, and the world around her.

It was a cute book, no romance (sorry), but very imaginative and interesting. In retrospect, the plot wasn't the most thrilling, but I was curious to see how it ended.

Now, onto my rating system :D:D

Basically, you have the potential to receive 2 full bookshelves, so 6 shelves total!




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