Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alex- Rambling #1

I've been thinking...

Point of views in books. What's your favourite? Third person, first person, maybe even second person? Told by a girl or boy? Changing point of views, or no?

Before, I would have said first person, girl. Like Sarah Dessen who I immensely love. But my tastes have also broadened, and now I really do like a variety now that I've experienced more. John Green is amazing, and I feel like I can still connect with his protagonists all the time, even though they're always boys. And recently, I've fallen in love with changing points of view. Like it switches from the guy, to the girl, or whatnot. I'm currently thinking of Susane Colasanti, author of books like When It Happens. I just love how readers get to get to know the characters that way, and follow closely both main characters as they fall in love. That way, it's not completely one sided, only knowing how one character feels.

Also, My Most Excellent Year. This book is written all in assignments, emails, and the like. But it's from 3 different characters, mostly. And they have such different views of each other. For example. The two guys, T.C. and Augie both recall a memory, but with different perspectives. Right after T.C.'s mother dies when he's six, he's suddenly alienated from his peers. So when he wears a shirt inside out and people copy him the next day, T.C. thinks everyone is making fun of him. So he goes and cries, which really tears my heart out. Augie, meanwhile, knows differently. Everyone copied T.C. because he was popular, and everyone wanted to be like him, not because they were being mean. See what I mean? I just, I love that.

Another good example of changing views is Dream Factory, by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler. So cute. With changing point of views, my heart can really go out to both main characters. :)

So, Lauren and viewers who will hopefully come, what do you all think?

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  1. I'm going to go with alternating as a pretty good choice. I really enjoy reading from a guys point of view, but throwing the girl in there perfects it.

    I used to really like first person as well - I adored Meg Cabot's writing style for a long time.

    So I'm going to agree with you here :)



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