Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little introduction, I suppose.

This is Alex. Together with my friend Lauren, we decided to create a YA review blog.

This is a blog reviewing teen books, by teen readers. We read... probably too much to be healthy. Read: a lack of lives. XD We feed off our city public library and Chapters.

We're hoping to have one book every week or so, that we'll both review without conferring to each other as not to, well, taint our opinions of the book. There will be other books in between most likely, since we, specifically me, have a ton of books to go through, courtesy of the library. We also plan to get others to review here, mostly friends who want to share their opinions and reviews on different books. They will probably be at random intervals.

While Lauren and I do not have exact tastes in books, and we will read different books, we have very similar tastes. That is to say, we love science fiction, romance, fantasy, and lots of others. For a list of some of our favourite books, check our profile.


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