Saturday, July 17, 2010

Layout change!

If anyone was up from 11 pm - 1 am today, you may have noticed some strange changes going around our blog. Meaning the layout may have been really bad while you were looking. I was attempting to change up the layout. A revamp, if you will.

Why? Well, Lauren and I decided (a while ago actually) that the blog needed a makeover. We were on a hiatus for most of the past school year, and now that summer has come, we thought a new layout was due. Summer = free time = time to read and review. Hopefully.

Well I've rambled enough I guess. What do you think of the layout? The pink colour too much? It'll probably be going through some more changes for the next little while, so I'll thank you in advance for putting up with it!

As usual, comments and construction critism are welcome. How does the background fit on all of your screens? I have a really wide screen, so what I see tends to be a lot different from most.


  1. Well, this one is good but I liked the old one. I read you daily so it'll probably just take some getting used to.

  2. I think it's gorgeous! That header is the cutest thing and the pink clouds are adorable. It all works really well together!

  3. I like it a lot :) I'm really jealous of what you can do with HTML lol.

  4. Nice job, really like the new header.


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