Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tech Tuesday - Twilight Edition

Hey guys! Since there appears to be no WoW today (which is Alex's department considering the only thing I can come up with when asked what I'm waiting for is the next Harry Potter movie and Mockingjay), I am bringing you a video... only it's a day late. Yeah, remember back when there used to be Tech Tuesdays? No? Me neither.

The other day, one of my friends sent me this:

Now admittedly, as much as I hate the Twilight franchise, I can't help but secretly love it. I used to love those books! But this made me laugh so much. Out of context, Twilight is pretty ridiculous sounding... especially when you try to explain the plot of Breaking Dawn to someone. So I hope you guys get a bit of a giggle, if not just for the accent!


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  2. Omg yes, can't wait for the final HP movie! I'm so glad they're splitting it into two halves- that way they won't have to cut alot of stuff out like they did in the previous ones :)I'm reading Catching Fire at the moment, the Hunger Games series has got me hooked- can't wait for Mockingjay!

    Oh and on the subject of Twilight, I liked it too when I first read it, but then when I picked it up the second time, I was like..."What the hell was I thinking?"
    The plot of the books, especially Breaking Dawn, IS ridiculous.

  3. Oh god, I went and checked out his reading of the first two chapters and can't stop laughing. It's either a)I'm in a weird mood, b)I like anything that trashes Twilight, or c)his british accent.

    mix of all three. and omg, he says TOMAAATOS! like To-mah-to! too cool.

  4. Ha, funny video! I've never seen that before!


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