Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review by Lauren - Classy

Classy by Derek Blasberg

If you’ve ever wondered how to climb the social ladder with grace, how to feel confident in every situation, or even how to make a lasting impression (but not the kind that lands you on the latest “Worst Dressed List”)—Derek Blasberg is here, with quotes and secrets from all the socialites so girls everywhere can learn how to have class.

This hilarious handbook will provide everything you need to know about fashion, socializing, dating, and etiquette. With tons of practical tips and tools for learning to flaunt what you’ve got, dozens of specific how-tos, common no-nos, and huge blunders that even smart girls make, this tongue-in-cheek book will train you to be a lady, and not a tramp!

First Impressions: Well the very first thing I noticed was the clour of the cover - none of the images I've found online seemt o do it justice. This book is bright, bright aquamarine. It's gorgeous. As I flipped through a couple pages, I knew I had to buy it.

Classy, if you hadn't realised, is a guide to class. Basically, it takes you through almost every make-or-break situation and shows you the do's and dont's. How to not make a fool of yourself, how to gain respect, and most of all, how to not look like a tramp. There are hilarious diagrams including Lady vs. Tramp at the Airport, it's a great little guide to society. I found it really helpful and it really did point out things that we do that sometimes we don't realise are trashy.

The book in no way discourages individuality nor does it promote conforming in any way, it's just a bit of an eye-opener on how the world is going to perceive you and the kind of message your appearance can give off. It also includes dinner party etiquette, how to host a party and dealing with internet... issues... So if you're interested, I definitely recommend checking it out - even if you just flip through a couple pages at the book store.

Final Impressions: Great light reading, humourous and entertaining. I feel classier already :)

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