Thursday, June 11, 2009

The big Archie debate

As some of you may have heard, Archie is picking Veronica to marry in the big 600th issue. If you haven't, pop on over to this article here, or just google something like "Archie marrying Veronica" and you'll surely get tons of hits. I know I did. :P

My friend was commenting on how, Archie comics are entertaining, but really not that great. I must differ. Archie comics are amazing. And I will attempt to rack my brains to say why.

Archie comics represent the whole American culture. And through the years, a lot of things have changed. Archie used to have old Betsy, his hideous old jalopy, and in newer comics, it's been upgraded. Still a lemon, but it looks more like a convertable and less like something you'd find at an antique car show. Archie comics show technology through the ages.

It also gives basic teenage life and deals with some teen issues. There's never anything sex related, since I guess it's got to be kept G, or PG, rated. But there's other stuff like passing school, taking tests, and especially relationships. I'm not too sure why Archie picks Veronica because what kind of message is being sent out? Pick money and passionate love compared to that stable and comfortable love that can be substained? Either way- these comics still rock.

Everyone can relate to these comics because they touch on pretty much everything. Well no, not everything. But basic stuff that isn't R rated. My dad read them as a kid, gave him old comics to me, I read them and my little brother reads them, and my aunt still reads them too. Archie comics are for everyone! Not just kids, not just teens, but adults too and everyone else. :)

The messages are almost always positive. There's nothing saying "Do drugs" or "You fail at life because you suck at school". I mean, there's a lot of bullying going on, especially done by Reggie, but nothing especially cruel. And there's plenty of those comics that have good messages. Like that one comic where Moose can't read properly because they find out he is dyslexic, not stupid? Also those comics when goodhearted Betty wins over Veronica or Reggie. Or even those comics where Veronica is depicted as being nice and good, not just the self-absorbed and snobby rich girl.

Where am I going with this? I really have no clue. Basically something like, Archie comics are the epitome of teenage life throughout many decades and are therefore awesome.

But, come on, Veronica? I'm a Betty shipper. :) Although then sometimes I find that Archie doesn't deserve Betty, and should just be chained to annoying and snooty Veronica for the rest of his life. Although with divorce rates these days, it'll be unlikely he'd stay with her.

So that's my opinion. :) What's yours?


  1. I can't really comment on the marriage. I don't read Archie comics :)

  2. I'm a Betty shipper too. And I agree with you. Poor Betty!

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  4. LOL! Last line, AMAZING! But I agree with your friend, Archie comics ARE entertaining, but all in all are not that great. And as much a they do happen to touch on teenage's more cliche American teenage life with loads of shopping and relationships. Just one thing...isn't Archie too ugly for Veronica??? WHY ISN'T HE MARRYING HUMBLE AND BEAUUTIFUL BETTY???


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